Zayid Al-Baghdadi Criminal Lawyer

Zayid Al-Baghdadi graduated from the University of Ottawa law school in 2004 and was called to the Quebec Bar in 2006. Through the course of his legal studies he demonstrated great passion for criminal law and received the highest distinction in the Law of Sentencing.

His career as a defence lawyer began at the Montreal Legal Aid office in 2005 where he acquired a wealth of experience and quickly demonstrated his strong advocacy skills. During his first trial, he successfully raised the defence of voluntary intoxication, resulting in the acquittal of his client and a reported decision.

His entry into private practice began in 2007 as an associate with a long-established and respected criminal defence law firm. His independent and ambitious nature compelled him to found his own law office in 2008 enabling him to better serve his clients with his outstanding skills as a criminal defence lawyer and his commitment to the integrity of his profession.

Zayid Al-Baghdadi was a member of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Criminal Lawyers Association during two terms. He has also written and lectured on various topics pertaining to criminal law.


  • Licenciate in Law (LL.L), University of Ottawa, Faculty of Civil Law (2004)
  • Criminology, pre-law, Université of Ottawa, Faculty of Social Sciences (2001)


English, French, Arabic & Greek

Conferences & Publications

  • Lecturer– Association of Montreal Criminal Defence Lawyers – Study Day (2008)
    Review of Supreme Court of Canada Cases in Criminal Law
  • Lecturer – 4th Symposium on Criminal Law, Boucherville (2012)
    Subjective Mens Rea in Fraud: Willful Blindness & Recklessness

La Mens Rea Subjective en Matière de Fraude: L’Insouciance et l’Aveuglement Volontaire. Published article available on Lexis-Nexis database.