A recent CBC documentary on ” The Secret World of Shoplifting” sheds a lot of light on what appears to be a rise in retail theft. Particularly interesting from a criminal defence lawyer’s point of view is the insight on the techniques and technology employed by retailers and shoplifters. “The Economist” magazine has also published an article on […]Continue reading

A recent report on the french Radio Canada television chanel has revealed a troubling practice employed by certain arab immigrants seeking a Canadian passport. Immigration fraud, which in the present case consists of faking residency in order to meet the requirements for a obtaining citizenship. To read more on the subject you may the read […]Continue reading

“My teenager got caught shoplifting and was not charged by the police. 5 months after the fact I get a letter from a lawyer saying I owe the store $1000.00. Can they do that? What should I do?” This is a standard procedure followed mostly by large retailers. Essentially what you have received is a […]Continue reading