Montreal Criminal Lawyer, Zayid Al-Baghdadi

From the initial telephone conversation to the final disposition of your case, Montreal criminal lawyer, Zayid Al-Baghdadi, will impress you with the quality of his services as well as his commendable professionalism.

A devoted and combative litigator, Zayid Al-Baghdadi pleads before the municipal and provincial trial courts as well as the appellate courts in the province of Quebec.Through the course of his career, he has established a solid reputation before the bench and bar by providing his clients with the highest standards of legal representation.

With his empathetic nature and his commanding presence in the court room, Zayid Al-Baghdadi makes it his goal to get his clients through the legal system with as little stress and damage as possible. Never leaving a stone unturned, his approach is proactive and thorough. Using result-oriented methods, he privileges diplomacy  in order to secure the desired outcome for his clients.

His area of practice extends to all offences under the Canadian Criminal Code to quasi-criminal and regulatory offences.

“The presumption of innocence is the central pillar of our criminal justice system.  

A competent and dedicated lawyer is the central pillar of your defence.”

Zayid Al-Baghdadi, Montreal Criminal Lawyer

Zayid Al-Baghdadi Montreal Lawyer, Barrister and Solocitor